Data Thoughts – Azure and Exchange rates


I noticed something in the Azure portal the other day that had escaped my attention previously. Normally, when in Azure accounts I’m using corporate subscription, but this particular day, I was helping somebody who had just opened a “Free Trial” account.

The “Free Trail” account gives $US200 credit. But this account was based in Australia, so the account is billed in Australian dollars.

We headed to “Cost Management and Billing”.

Notice that there’s a few links to educational content on how to interpret things.

Upon provisioning the Free Trial account, we immediately headed to “Cost Management and Billing”

Cost Management and Billing

Next, we headed to “Payment Methods” from the left hand side menu and selected the “Azure Credit” tab.

Azure Credits – Free Account

I wondered if this was a good exchange rate.

Today google shows the exchange rate as

And the Exchange Rate shown in the Azure Portal (for the date of this post) was

Exchange Rate that google shows

Not bad Microsoft.

Hopefully, your exchange rates are just as good – I’m sure they are.

Have a great day.



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