Azure dependent resources


They say you learn by your mistakes.

And today (amongst other days) – I did just that.

But in a good way.

I wanted to create a simple Network Interface Card (NIC) for one of my Azure VM’s.

Unfortunately (at least partly), I picked the wrong subscription.

The subscription just happened to be absolutely empty – not a single resource (even a resource group) in the subscription.

Ordinarily, I’d have just gone ahead and created the resources (in this case a NIC) and then realised my mistake at another point down the road – but something caught my eye.

so, exactly like the message says – I had no vnet in my subscription.

I’m sort of pleased the Azure Portal flagged this to me and it left me wondering if it’d flag other resources that were dependent on things that didn’t exist.

Now that’s another thing I have on my (ever going) TODO list – to identity resources that absolutely rely on other resources.

Have a great day.