Azure Data Explorer – A great way to learn Kusto Query Language

Log Analytics is a great resource for storing our monitoring data from Azure.

But in order to get the best from your nicely acquired monitoring data, you’ll need a way to investigate it. You can do that in the Azure Portal by clicking around in the UI.

Kusto Query Language is the way to investigate data that is stored in Log Analytics.

We can either experiment in our own log analytics workspace – or we can use the workspace that Microsoft provide for such things.

The Log Analytics Playground

You can find that here

You’ll need to authenticate with a Microsoft account (eg outlook, hotmail)

Personally, I think a great resource for learning Kusto Query Language (KQL) is the Azure Data Explorer (ADX) cluster that Microsoft provides.

You can find that here

There’s a bit more real estate – but you choose 🙂

The ADX cluster is clean and easy to find your way around

Azure Data Explorer (ADX)

There’s enough data in there to run some KQL queries – and get to grips with the language.

If you’re looking to learn Kusto Query language then I’d suggest heading along to this resource.

Hope this helps somebody.



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