96 GB lost (or so I thought)

The other day I was looking to store some files, so I went and found myself a 128 GB USB 3.1 flash drive.

Upon inserting this into my computer (initially the wrong way up, and then correcting myself, as is the accepted method) – I was amazed to see it only registered as 32 GB

wow, I thought this was 128 GB

Whatever, I thought. I’ll just reformat this to the correct size.

Only 32 GB of space yet the drive had 128 GB firmly stamped on the back.

But no matter what combination of file systems that I chose, I could not get this to recognize more than 32 GB

no matter what file system I chose to format the drive with, I could not get it to recognize more than 32GB of space

I soon realised that because it was FAT32 perhaps this was the reason. But how to reclaim the apparent lost space.

Over to Disk Management, where I seen

So, I found the ‘lost’ space by using disk management.

I quickly deleted the 32GB Volume.

The 32 GB volume was deleted.

To reveal the full quota of unallocated space

So, I found the full quote of space

and I allocated that as a simple volume and re-formatted the drive as NTFS.

I found a few things out on that journey.

I could create multiple volumes of the same flash drive and each volume registers as a separate drive in Windows explorer.

But if you want to use the flash drive for something like re-imaging your surface – then it’ll have to be formatted as FAT32. Then you’ll be back to square one again and wondering where your space disappeared to.

I hope this saves somebody some time at some point.

Have a great day.



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