Dedicated Admin Connections (DAC) and SQL SERVER 2012 SSMS


As part of any SQL SERVER install that I do, I turn on Remote admin connections (using sp_configure) and open the relevant firewall port – normally 1433 for a default instance – Although this can be altered

As we know, you can open a dedicated administrated connection using SSMS as long as we only change the connection of the query window.

Object explorer connection are not permitted as we can only have a single connection with DAC.

We Change to a Dedicated Admin Connection like so

And in SSMS 2008 this work fine.,

Now, I have the SQL SERVER 2012 tools on my machine (I’m using my laptop here – you’ll notice ‘m connecting to LOCALHOST, but I have tried the following procedure on other machines too with the same effect.) – so lets open SSMS 2012 and initial a Dedicated Administrator Connection.

Select “change connection” as in the screenshot above.


Press connect

The first time I seen this I assumed a connection had not been made – read the message “Failed to connect to server …”

However, look at the yellow status bar – you’ll notice that the connection has changed.

I always move this bar to the top of the screen in SSMS – rather than leave it at default bottom of screen – I find it easier to see.

So dismiss the error box and you will be connected to the server you requested with the DAC.

Have a good day.



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