Remote DAC connections


I wrote a post recently about setting the DAC port for an SQL instance.

I now do this as a matter of course on all of my SQL instance as I manage most of them remotly.

However, from time to time I discover instances that have had remote admin connections disabled by another DBA.

So now I make it part of my regular checks to ensure that the DAC connection is available remotely - should I ever need it

Now, I’ve not had cause to use the DAC to troubleshoot a problem myself, but should I ever want it, then I’d expect it to available and it would be a cause of come concern and annoyance were it now.

So, a simple check from time to time to ensure that this connections is still available is appropraite.

I’d encourage others to do the same – should you have remote admin connections turned on.

Have a nice day.



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Martin Catherall is RockSolid SQL consultant, a SQL Server MVP and Regional Mentor (RM) for the Professional Association for SQL Server. Martin is an SQL SERVER Database Administrator in the Christchurch Area and has been active in the local IT community for over 10 years. He likes learning interesting stuff about databases and passing on his knowledge. In his spare time he likes to learn guitar and hang out with his two young sons Callum Glen and Robert Michael.