A new shopping record..

Northpark mall, Dallas, Texas

Northpark mall, Dallas, Texas

Well, before I left New Zealand, Suzanne very kindly made me a huge shopping list of things to buy.

I just spent 6 hours walking around one of the biggest shopping malls in Dallas buying all sorts of stuff.

I’ve been hanging out at the kids clothing stores – and suprisingly I was the only guy in most of them.

I’ve been to macy’s.

I reservered a big chunk of time for the Disney store, although it was nowhere near as big as I had expected.

And I spent far too much money in the Lego store, although I have some of the coolest kids Lego sets ever! One is that big it will not even fit into my suitcase.

Oh, and I’ve also bought Callum some cool footwear too. I just hope they fit – I had to go with my judgement for the size!

I think I’ve got everything, else it’ll be a flying visit back to the mall again

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