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Welcome to my new blog site. It’s taken a little while to get this live and so they’ll probably be a few little tweaks in the next few weeks but generally I’m pretty happy with it. If anybody has feedback about it – good or bad – then I’m more than happy to hear it.

Well, I decieded to go with a wordpress installation for this site in the end. I did look at a few other blogging applications – such as dasblog and Joomla – but wordpress just seemed to fit the bill nicely – plus a few of my friends use it, so getting help is easy.

I have to thank my good friend Paul Hogan [Blog | Twitter] from NewZealandOnline for all his help with hosting and getting this blog up and running.

So, why did I move my original blog from sql server central?

Well, my original blog was dedicated to writings solely about SQL SERVER database technologies - which is what I do in my day job – and I love it. I still intend to maintain my original blog, however now I’ll be posting articles relating to SQL SERVER  in two places.

I am also now able to post some of my other writings here on my new blog that do not refer to SQL SERVER – such as my other interests of guitar playing and music.

So, why the change? Well, a few weeks ago I won a competition to get some free SQL SERVER training in Dallas, Texas from Paul Randal [Blog | Twitter] , Kimberley L. Tripp [Blog | Twitter] and the guys at SQLskills.

I’ll be leaving New Zealand on saturday and I wanted to have a permanent blog in place by then. While most of my posts about Dallas will be SQL related – which would be fine for my old blog site -, quite a few may not be! And I thought that it wouldn’t be too good to post non techie stuff on a techie site.

So, there you have it. Keep watching this space, there’ll be a heap of stuff coming up shortly, the techy stuff will go both here and sql server central and the other stuff will just go here.

I was also thinking about changing my twitter name, but as I could not get @martincatherall I decided to stick with my current twitter account of @martinznz.

Incidentally, if you’re looking to brush up on your twitter knowledge then Brent Ozar’s [Blog | Twitter] fantastic free ebook about twitter maybe the place to start – it certainly was for me.

If anybody has got any comments about my new blog – positive or negative – then I’d love to hear them.

Take it easy.


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About Martin Catherall

Martin Catherall is Senior SQL consultant at SQL Down Under, based in Melbourne, Australia. Martin is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Regional Mentor (RM) for the Professional Association for SQL Server. Prior to relocating to Australia he was extremely active in the Christchurch, New Zealand data community - founding the local SQL Server user group and organizing SQL Saturday Christchurch - which later became SQL Saturday South Island. He likes learning interesting stuff about processing and storing data and passing on his knowledge. In his spare time he likes to learn guitar and hang out with his two young sons Callum Glen and Robert Michael.